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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Eating Better, Healthier with Ian's Natural Foods

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We are constantly looking for better foods for us to eat and let's face it, sometimes, even though I do my best to cook a majority of our food from scratch, there are still days that I just want to grab something out of the freezer and pop it into the microwave or oven.  Unfortunately, the frozen foods that are available usually aren't something that we wish to consume with the ingredients and nutritional labels.  Fortunately though, Ian's is trying to change that!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

How to Leave the House with Two Children under 2 – The Step by Step Guide

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Having one child and trying to get out of the house is difficult, but two under two, is almost impossible.  Here's our Step by Step Guide of attempting to do this should you be up for the challenge. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Creative Galaxy Inspires Children to be Artistic in new Amazon Kids Show

We are constantly looking for great educational programs for Skibbles to watch.  She watches more TV than I care to admit, simply because usually it's one of the only ways for me to get anything done; however, I try to make it as educational as possible, so I at least feel like she's learning at the same time.  Unfortunately, TV today is the same quality, pure fun that we grew up with and I'm finding myself constantly making sure that certain shows are never even seen (insert extremely whiny kid or yellow sponge under the sea).  It drives me crazy that I have to censor so much.  We primarily watch streaming shows since I know I get to choose everything.  So when I heard about a new show, Creative Galaxy, available on Amazon Prime, I was excited.

Rockwell Tools Celebrates Halloween with New Tools for Dad

Ever since buying our house, Andrew has turned everything into a project with power tools.  Something needs built, something needs fixed, the baby needs a new toy, EVERYTHING, now involves power tools.  I can't really blame him though, he's excited to have the space to complete it all now and it keeps him busy and occupied (read: out of my hair!).  So when Rockwell Tools recently contacted us to work together again for a Halloween story, we jumped at the chance.  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Save Money This Holiday Season with Frugaa

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Believe it or not....There's less than 70 days until Christmas.  I know anytime I hear numbers like that I start to freak out.  One, because I know that those days will quickly disappear and before I know it, there will be less than 30 days.  Two, because I'm no where near finished shopping, which means lots of money will be going out the window very quickly.  I try my best to save as much as I can, wherever I can, so we don't break the bank and feel it for months to come.  That's why I love learning about new coupon search engines, like Frugaa.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

10 Reason We Love the Boba 4G Carrier

*Disclosure: We received the product(s) discussed in this post free of charge. Thoughts and opinions are 100% ours. Affiliate links may be contained in this post. We receive a small commission for purchases and thank you for helping us continue to run our site.

A little over a year ago, we received a Boba 3G carrier.  We instantly fell in love and use our Boba almost everyday.  When the Boba 4G carrier came out, we got one right away and were just as in love with the small, but significant changes.  Just recently, Boba wowed us again when they announced seven new color swatches.  The moment we laid our eyes on Wildflower, we knew we needed it.  It's freaking gorgeous.  And everyone that has seen it agrees.  But what I get asked most often is WHY we love Boba.  Well, let me tell you...

  1. The 4G has an integrated infant insert that snaps in for use from 7-45lbs
  2. There are foot straps for toddlers so their legs get a break while staying in their ergonomically designed frog position 
  3. Removable sleeping hood with it's own pocket which also doubles as a great way to discretely breastfeed
  4. Snap Strap Holders on both shoulders of the carrier to help hold a purses/diaper bag/other bag
  5. Multiple adjustments so anyone can wear the same carrier (comfortably fits 5'0" to 6'3")
  6. Pockets to hold valuables 
  7. 2-3" higher rise on body of the carrier compared to other brands
  8. Easy adjustments to nurse discretely in the carrier
  9. Thick waistband to support lower back
  10. Designed to ergonomically hug your child to your body creating a sense of security

We were honored to wear this carrier at the Babywearing World Record this year at MommyCon Philly.  We got so many compliments from it and it was the perfect carrier for us to wear all day.  I don't typically wear her for more than an hour or two at a time, but at MommyCon I wore her for almost eight full hours.  This was a lot of strain on my back, but I didn't feel any pain until around the last hour.  I couldn't imagine what I would feel like in another non-supportive carrier or even worse, no carrier at all.  I'm extremely grateful for the way that Boba allows me to feel knowing that I'm providing comfort not only to myself, but creating a sense of comfort and security for my child.  I'm excited for the opportunity to one day hopefully use it with another infant and wear them from birth in the same carrier with the new infant insert.   

Bonus! #11 reason we love Boba:  THE ADORABLE DESIGNS! 

This year Boba announced the launch of SEVEN new designs (all pictured below).  Additionally, the still carry five previous designs, including Montenegro (black), Safari (tan), Dusk (gray), Kangaroo, and Tweet.   Solid colors are $125, Print designs are $128, and Organic Prints are $148.

All carriers can be purchased on their website or directly from
(#WearAllTheBabies is only available on their website)

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thrilling Thursdays Link-Up #2

Last week we launched the Thrilling Thursdays Giveaway link-up!  We were blown away to have 53 link ups in our first week and even more excited to continue this journey with each of you! From now until Saturday some of our favorite bloggers will be linking up their giveaways they currently have going on and you have the opportunity to see all of them in one place!!  Right here!  

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