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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Would You Switch your entire Fluff Stash?


We knew almost immediately that we were going to be cloth diapering.  The hardest thing for us was knowing what type of diapers to get.  When first starting out, it's very daunting.  You are overwhelmed with types, sizes, brands, and so much more.  You try to make the best decision with the information that you have but the fact of the matter is until you find that ONE special diaper, you will truly never know.  Then we you do find that diaper, you will spend the next few months doing everything that you can in your power to get more of that one diaper.  It's absolutely an obsession.  

So what's the one special diaper for me, you may ask??

It's my HipKiddo Naturally Hip Bamboo diaper.  I spent months searching for what worked for us at night until I finally found this amazing diaper. It's absolutely amazing.  I only need one insert instead of multiple ones that stuff my baby until she looks like her booty is going to explode.  It's so trim and snug and the one size fits all babies makes it even better. 

It retails for just $16 a diapers, comes in 6 different colors and I'm sure you would fall in love too!  Look at all these amazing features so you too can see why it's my favorite!

Special Features include:  
  • New  snap adjustable system 
  • Generous pocket opening size 
  • Slim Fitting 
  • Lasts 1.2 times longer than regular diapers 
  • Soft, stretchy cover for busy baby. 
  • Has natural renewable materials  
  • Includes one, 4 layer inserts. 
  • Heavy Duty elastic for waist and legs 
  • One size fits all (s.m.l)
  • Double Row snap across the front
Did you know...
Bamboo can thrive naturally without any pesticides
Bamboo renews itself every three years and requires minimum fertilization
Bamboo fiber has natural antibacterial properties
Bamboo fiber is incredibly lightweight and absorbent
Bamboo fiber is 100% biodegradable textile material
Bamboo fiber is soft, luxurious, and extremely strong!

Sooooo...If you could, what would you switch your entire cloth diaper stash too?

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